For the love of Children's Picture Books: Featured Book-Tops and Bottoms By Janet Stevens

Hello Everyone, I am excited to connect with you all in this first blog post about one of my absolute favorite pass times, reading. As "Mrs. Young", I actually planned my school days around sharing books of every genre with my students. In this ongoing blog, I will be bringing picture books, fiction and nonfiction, poetry, and short stories that connect in some way with all the learning experiences we encounter daily here on our family farm.

***Just a note, I have been working on a way to video my readings so that I could post them for you. However, to my great disappointment, most books I have on hand, or that I research and want to use, are still in copyright (many rules apply), so I cannot make a video to post. So, not to be defeated, here in this blog I will bring to you enjoyment and learning through reading. 

The first book I have chosen to share with you has many lessons all wrapped up in the cute interactions between Bear and Hare, and it connects with the crop that has been keeping us busy for the past few weeks. Watch this short video and see if you can guess what crop that may be:

This book is one of my favorites-so tricky and so many things to learn. Janet Stevens is a celebrated Childrens Author/Illustrator (check out her story: Janet Stevens)

You can read Tops and Bottoms by Janet Steven here:

[PDF] Tops and Bottoms Download (

If you would like your own book for your collection, you can get it here in either book form or for kindle:

*(Disclosure: this is an affiliate link which means I may earn a small commission from Amazon, at no cost to you, if you click on and purchase your book through this link.)

Happy reading! My book is on my shelf here at the farm. Stop by and I will read it to you! 

While you are reading, think about these things:

Who is in this story?

Where is the story happening, and what time of year is it (setting of the story)?

What is Bear doing?

What is Hare and his family doing?

What is Hare's problem and how does he plan to fix it?

What does "tops" mean?

What does "bottoms" mean?

What vegetable is in the middle?

What lesson does Bear learn in the end?

What lesson did you learn about growing vegetables?

Thanks for stopping by! 

I'll share my next story in September about a big round red juicy treat!  

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  • I’m so excited for this and look forward to many more stories to come.


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